Six lessons we have learnt from our Nutrition Challenge

The recent six-week shred Nutrition Challenge was a huge success. With 30 members taking on the challenge, here is what we learnt:

1. Fat-loss does not need to be difficult

Using some basic targets and setting some new habits, gave the end result of 89.9kg of combined fat-loss. In a 6 week period, this is HUGE. There was no fads, no extremes, just some basic tracking of what is going into our bodies alongside some accountability.

We did help members to figure out a calorie intake that would initiate fat-loss, but we feel that more important than this was just getting daily intakes consistent and being aware of what different foods contain. This knowledge allowed more control and gives an added feeling of confidence, getting rid of the self sabotage thoughts.

2. Strive for progress NOT perfection

Throughout the challenge, weekly targets were set and points were gained by sticking to the rules each day. For some, this could be quite overwhelming. A reminder to just aim for improvement was the solution. If your target is 200g of protein in the day, but you only managed 180g, you need to remember the bigger picture. Before the challenge, maybe you were only managing 40g. The targets can be difficult but just aiming for these will bring improvement and results.

3. A Challenge is a Challenge

Following on from the last point, we had to regularly remember that is was a group challenge. The idea of a challenge is to set tasks to try and stick to them. If this is not humanly possible due to life commitments, such as kids/works/pets etc. It is not the end of the world!

It is also not how you should live for the rest of your life. Some habits will have been easy for people and will stay consistent. Others may not have been as manageable. Tracking for example is a tool and one we used to gain new awareness. This does not mean that for years to come, you need to weigh and measure every morsel of food. People are generally creatures of habit and eat similar foods each day. If, at some point, our members do find they have let things slip and need to get back on it, its not a problem, just bring back in some of the rules and hone the diet again.

4. Protein is your friend

The idea of a protein target during a fat-loss challenge is to maintain muscle mass whilst we lose weight. We found so many more uses for protein however.

It is more satiating. Protein can make us feel fuller for longer, particularly useful whilst attempting to lose weight as it staves off any hunger. It also helped avoid late night snacking, replacing this with things like Greek yoghurt or protein puddings (thanks Aldi!). In fact, sharing protein rich recipes within the group has produced some great meals and inspired others.

5. Accountability is everything

Knowledge and knowing what works for you personally is one thing. Sticking to it is another. This is true of most things in life and especially within our training at Wildcard. Many of the challengers had already worked with our nutrition coaches or have previously had success with food habits, yet they still signed up. This is because they recognised the value of accountability. Having someone to answer to each day helps you to stay on track and reach your goals. Without this, it is far to easy to stray from the path and fail.

6. An improved relationship with food is life-changing

For many on the challenge, fat-loss was a longstanding goal and something they have struggled with. Thanks to Fad diets and contradicting information, many had tried different methods and failed. A large group were not eating anywhere near enough which was then causing lack of energy and lowering their mood. This was also a big knock to their mental health and gave a feeling of hopelessness. There is no one right way to eat and every single person is different and has different preferences. The theories however remain the same, so it is vital to explore and to understand your own body and what works for you instead of sticking to some rigid diet plan where you only get to sniff a broccoli for breakfast, before a lunch of dust.

Learning that carbs are definitely not the enemy and the fact that you can eat absolutely anything you desire, just not everything. It means that going forward, members of the challenge can enjoy their lives, enjoy food whilst remaining guilt-free and are more in control of their eating habits.

Some of the feedback we have received has made us extremely proud. This alongside the results means we will definitely be improving our six week challenge and it will be back! Keep your eyes peeled if you think it would be something that interests you!

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