The Wildcard Strength and Conditioning Story

James Przybek and Alex Burrell owners of Wildcard Strength and Conditioning
Our founders

James Przybek and Alex Burrell

James and Alex both served as Royal Marines Commandos and left the service to create a gym that would help change people’s lives. Our mission is to build a family of athletes that constantly push each other to improve physically and mentally, with a goal of becoming the best version of themselves possible by improving their mobility, longevity and physical ability.

In 2017 this dream became a reality and the doors to Coventry’s premier fitness facility opened. However, Wildcard is much more than a place to improve fitness.


Our vision to be a Nationally renowned facility, making 250 people fitter whilst building a strong community. We are committed to educating people in strength and nutrition both in person alongside online.


Our core values to help us achieve this big goal are as follows-


• Integrity:

We strive to keep our moral compass true no matter who is watching. Our relationships are built on this and are nothing without this. We have been in situations previously where integrity is the difference between life and death. We believe that integrity should always be shown, no matter how insignificant the circumstances may seem.


• Community:

Our community is our blood. We are there for each other through the best times but also the dark times. We have supported each other through a pandemic lockdown, we can handle anything that is thrown at us. Our community is without prejudice and open to all those who uphold our values. We will protect our community at all costs.


• Respect:

No matter what your upbringing, your background, your origin, Wildcard is all-inclusive. Having travelled the world with the Royal Marines, James and Alex have learnt to never judge a book by its cover. Everyone has their own story and their own difficulties. This is acknowledged and we move forward together.


• Work hard/Play hard:

We value the effort we put into training but we also value life balance. We have a passion for activities outside the gym as much as we do inside. We have learnt that social interaction can be as important as physical exercise for mental health.


• Work ethic:

We have identified that in life things are not handed to you on a plate. We have the determination and will to work hard for what we want to achieve. This crosses over into our training methodologies. We put in the required effort until we achieve our targets and will help you to do the same.


To go along with all of this we understand that our job as coaches and employees is to be the bright spot in our client’s day. We want to be their healthy happy place where they can let go of all the stress from the rest of their life, get down to business, and enjoy some fitness, friendship, fun and make some GAINZ!


Our staff members are always smiling and happy to see our members. Our coaches are entertainers and experts in fitness.


Above all else, we believe in our members and ourselves.

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