What is the Wildcard 30?

It seems like 2023 is absolutely flying by. With the worst of the weather hopefully behind us, April seems a great time to get outdoors and get some miles in. Running has so many benefits but it can get neglected slightly within our programming. We can only imagine the look on all of your faces if you walked in and the board looked like this:

This is where the ‘Wildcard 30’ enters the chat. 4km a day for 4 days, 5 for 5, 6 for 6, 7 for 7 and 8 for 8. 30 days of running!

I have always seen running as a necessary evil. I personally think there is nothing that builds your aerobic engine as effectively as running. This coupled with the mental health benefits of spending some time in the fresh air, are reason enough to dedicate some time to this challenge!

I have also more recently found that, if using as an accessory tool to improve fitness and not actually racing, it is more effective and more enjoyable to forget about timings and simply enjoy the process. This is exactly how I foresee our challenge working.

Whether you run or walk, it is something that will push you and, with some mutual support, you will achieve something you have never done before.

The challenge involves covering distance every day of April, with the distances slightly increasing as the month progresses. The goal is definitely not to break anyone and if you need a day off then take one.

The challenge will also not be judged by the time taken to complete the distance. Whether you are an absolute racing snake hitting 4-minute miles or more of a steady walk type of athlete, a point will be earned for every day the required distance is completed.

We will track the challenge via BoxMate. A score can be uploaded and this will show that the distance that day has been completed. We will also be setting up a private WhatsApp group to help you stay motivated or perhaps meet up and make that days distance a little more social!

Looking forward to completing this challenge with some of you. Remember, even if you only complete a handful of the days, that is more than you would have! First run is Saturday, LETS GO!!!

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