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Why Wildcard?

Wildcard Strength and Conditioning, based in Coventry was founded in 2017 to help people of ALL fitness levels, improve their quality and longevity of life. Our premier strength and conditioning facility is designed to support your journey and help you to achieve sustainable results. At Wildcard we’re about more than just fitness. We are a community.

Wildcard Lift

Olympic weightlifting movements and accessory work to assist your lifting technique and improve overall strength. Qualified BWL coaches and personal trainers will teach beginners good movement patterns of lifting, whilst more advanced athletes can increase lifts by honing strength and technique.

Meet the Wildcard coaches

James Przybek James Przybek

James Przybek

Owner | Head Coach

James is passionate about sports and fitness.  He joined the Royal Marines in 2004 and completed the world’s toughest military training earning him the coveted Green Beret.  He then spent 10 years in service, training in different environments and experimenting with different regimes to ensure that he maintained his optimum level of fitness.  It was during this time that he discovered CrossFit, and changed his perspective. He believes that the key to optimal performance in your chosen sport, or for general physical preparedness in everyday life is to master basic functional movements.  CrossFit has made James stronger and fitter than ever before, and the desire to share this knowledge led to the creation of Wildcard Strength and Conditioning.

Alex Burell Alex Burell

Alex Burrell

Owner | Powerlifting Specialist

Alex is a team player with sport taking over his life from a young age.  His keen interest in extreme sports and desire for purpose led him to join the Royal Marines in 2013, earning his green beret in 2014. During his time in the Royal Marines Alex has maintained an optimum standard of fitness and experimented with different training methodologies.  He’s pursued the discipline of Powerlifting to an advanced level and has competed since 2016, placing on the podium at the All-England Championships and in 6th at the British Championships. Alex aims to continue to enhance his learning and to teach Powerlifting to all levels.

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