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Wildcard opening was probably the most beneficial thing that could have happened to my training in the past year. What makes the gym so special is the atmosphere, the people and the equipment (not in that order). Every time I walk in I feel welcomed and it’s like a second home - I basically live there. I don’t see myself ever changing facility in the coming years.


I started functional strength training when I stopped playing rugby, I still wanted to be fit and with a natural competitive edge it was a bonus to be able to enter competitions

I enjoy it because it constantly challenges me and pushes me to fitness goals I never thought I could reach. When I heard about Wildcard opening in Coventry I was so excited, and after meeting with the coaches James and Alex with their friendly, welcoming approach and having a look around at the possibilities this facility could offer myself and others I was 100% guaranteed I was going to become a member.

Since joining I have made many new friends and teammates. I’ve lost weight and got stronger learnt new skills like gymnastics and Olympic lifting. It’s not just a gym where you turn up and go home it’s more of a club where everyone helps each other out and supports each other regardless of their abilities. It’s a supportive community and that’s why I love it at Wildcard.


When I arrived at Wildcard for my taster session in January this year, I had an instant smile on my face and knew I found my workout space. The atmosphere and communal spirit struck me first, the workouts looked tough but doable and I knew this was the space to push myself hard every time and discover my inner athlete.

When I broke my patella the extremely knowledgable coaches were amazing and perfectly scaled the workouts. Despite the limited exercises, I notice a huge difference in strength, thanks to their expertise. The coaches are playing such a big part on my road to recovery as does the supportive community. The banter is probably just the cherry on the top! Really grateful to be part of it.


As soon as I knew Wildcard was opening nearby I was straight down to sign up! I enjoy the sense of community and social side and the coaches are friendly and knowledgeable. I have seen my skillset widen and can't wait to be back from injury (none training related!) in preparation to represent Wildcard in September at my first competition. Thank you to all the coaches and members at wildcard. Truly humbled


After being very overweight on and off all of my adult life I changed my life 8 years ago and became fit and healthy and wanted to help others so became a PT. Over the last few years, I have helped and continue to help all ages and all sizes but I had become bored with my own training. After completing the London marathon I felt like I was lacking my own motivation. And feeling bored with lifting weights.

I knew Priz from a different gym a few years back and thought I would try Wildcard. From the very first day walking into Wildcard I knew it had given me my mojo back. The sessions are nearly always tough but for 1 hour a day I’m coached and told what to do and it’s my escapism for an hour. Both Priz and Alex are fantastic coaches and always help you improve.

The community at wildcard are second to none everyone is so friendly not an ego in sight. We all help and push each other and work hard to reach our goals.

Joining Wildcard had not only given me my mojo back it makes me a better coach to my clients and made me fall back in love with throwing heavy stuff around!!


I don’t think it’s like any other form of training. The community you get with Wildcard is what makes it. It’s that community that makes it the perfect fit for a place like FarGo Village. And the team spirit at Wildcard is always on point. As I said earlier, I needn’t have worried about being the first to join, because I would challenge anyone to walk in there now for the first time, as a seasoned pro or a complete novice, and not find a friendly face. And if you’re keen to try it but don’t believe me, let me know, I will come with you and we can be friends (that was meant to be sweet, not creepy…)
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I started training 4 years ago and it was love immediately. Being better than I was yesterday and achieving challenging goals keep me motivated. There is always a new area to grow in and improve at Wildcard and it’s fantastic when you are capable of doing things you never thought you could before. I’ve always been skinny and I have no sports background related to lifting weights. Now, my favourite part is lifting heavy and I love every little steps of this journey. I wish I started training sooner.

I found Wildcard in August. The entire staff have always made me feel very welcomed and offered a high level of service. James and Alex are top coaches, given me every training tool and motivation I need to succeed with my training goals. In addition, I have met wonderful people at the gym. The members are welcoming and friendly, no matter how fit and strong you are.

I wouldn’t spend my me time anywhere else. Both physically and mentally Wildcard is the best place I can wish for.

I look forward to continuing my progress with staff and members in Wildcard.


Moving to Wildcard was a huge decision for me as I had been at my last box for nearly 4 years and was a big part of my life. However from day one it feels like I have been here for years and not just five months. As always the community is second to none! The community/atmosphere really does have an impact on your training. As well as that along with the amazing facility, the huge varied class timetable and excellent coaching this has had a huge impact on where I was with my training. I'm on a high already with what I have achieved in the last 5 months and excited to see what the future will bring being here!!!


Prior to August 2017 we hadn't heard of functional training. Upon discovering that Wildcard was opening at Fargo we thought we'd give it a go to help Dave's core strength after his back injury ... we have never looked back. In less than 6 months we have progressed immensely with the support of the coaches and the members. Wildcard is not only improving our strength and fitness but it has also given us a wonderful community to be part of. We are so happy and privileged to be part of the Wildcard family which is why our Friday nights have changed drastically; we would rather be with you lot getting sweaty than sitting in the pub! In case you hadn't guessed we are totally addicted to Wildcard (Dave's tattoo speaks volumes!)


I joined Wildcard at the end of August 2017 because I was stuck in a boring routine workout schedule. Since joining I’ve improved my techniques of lifting so drastically and best achievement that I’ve struggled with for months was managing the 16 feet rope climb at the Spartan Race after Priz thought me the right technique to climb!! Now carrying a lil bump around, managing to train all way into my 7th month of pregnancy with Coaches scaling down workouts for me , even managing to do the Open , I’m VERY happy and so glad that not even once have I felt like I couldn’t do a workout. Also not forgetting the Wildcard community, everyone that cheered on and supported me throughout! Fun times!


If you could dream up your most perfect gym and wave a magic wand...Wildcard would be it!

Alex and Priz have taken their wealth of experience and created something truly unique and special. Wildcard offers bespoke powerlifting, functional body building, strongman/strongwomen, gymnastics, Olympic lifting and their Athlete program. Each session runs off a specialised cycle to ensure progress and are coached by experts and/or competitors in their field. These classes have meant that I have progressed more in the past 12 months than I have in five years!!

Now for the soppy stuff. Fundamentally, what makes Wildcard so great are the people. Wildcard has somehow managed to avoid the ‘clique’ of founding members and welcomes everyone with a stinking workout and a fist bump no matter what your background. I’m most excited by the novice getting their first pull up or dropping under the bar on a snatch. This community has meant everything to us over the past 18 months and I couldn’t be prouder of what’s been achieved.



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